Professional Experience

Curriculum Vitӕ (PDF)

Program Coordinator, DWRL

As coordinator of the Digital Writing & Research Lab in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, I develop programs (pedagogical, not software) designed to help students and instructors acquire digital skills. Our mission statement in the DWRL states:

Positioned at the intersection of rhetoric, writing, and technology, the Digital Writing & Research Lab dedicates itself—practically, pedagogically, and theoretically—to the identification and promotion of twenty-first century literacies. These literacies, both multiple and malleable, range from navigating online newsfeeds and participating in social networking sites to composing powerfully persuasive multimedia texts that require producing, sampling, and/or remixing media content.

In the DWRL, we teach digitally-oriented rhetoric classes where students have access to computers, A/V equipment, multimedia software, tutorials, and administrative support. Students and instructors learn the skills and conversations involved in digital rhetoric through classes, workshops, guest speakers, open labs, and office hours. Lab members get peer support in lab spaces like classrooms, student media labs, offices, and lounges. We support our instructors by helping them stay on top of the latest digital skills and conversations through the Digital Writing & Research Certificate, which I helped design and implement. The DWRC website explains:

The Digital Writing & Research Certificate is designed to help DWRL members demonstrate, situate, and reflect on how they have used lab resources to create digital artifacts that showcase their technological skills, innovative pedagogy, and cutting-edge scholarship