Digital Writing & Research Certificate


The Digital Writing & Research Certificate is designed to help DWRL members demonstrate, situate, and reflect on how they have used lab resources to create digital artifacts that showcase their technological skills, innovative pedagogy, and cutting-edge scholarship.

The Digital Writing & Research Certificate recognizes that recipients have:

  • learned new technologies and skills and applied them in pedagogy and research;
  • developed a collection of digital materials that demonstrates their skills;
  • written persuasively and clearly about digital scholarship and pedagogy.

The DWRL will supports its participants in the following ways:

  • technologically, by providing software, hardware, gadgets, skills, resources, and tutorials;
  • pedagogically, by teaching instructors how to apply skills in their classrooms;
  • and scholastically, by mentoring scholars on ways of incorporating digital writing and research into their scholarship.


Participants pace themselves through the program by unlocking badges that serve as visual representations of digital skills that they have acquired and documented. The badge process requires that they submit a digital artifact and an explanation of that artifact. Assistant Directors in the DWRL request revisions to the artifact and or the explanation and unlock the badge when revisions are complete. Once participants have unlocked 10 of 16 badges, indicated a specialization, participated in a "Digital Dialog," and framed their portfolio with a position statement, they can submit their portfolio of digital artifacts to the DWRC faculty committee for review.

The badges appear on a members-only dashboard on the DWRC website and on the participants' private home pages. As they unlock badges, the grid below becomes a visual representation of their progress. I've unlocked a few badges for demonstration purposes. Click on a badge for an explanation of how to unlock it.


Just like the skills that participants pick up in the DWRC, the program itself is designed to be portable. It is modular, customizable, and open access. The DWRC is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. Entities wishing to build on or modify the program are free to do so but should attribute it to the DWRL. The program can be rolled out in any department, unit, or college that is looking for a way to train its people in digital skills.


  • Accessibility
  • Archiving
  • Audio
  • Code
  • Digital Dialogs I: Capturing an Academic Event
  • Digital Dialogs II: Publishing in an Academic Venue
  • Digital Dialogs III: Conducting an Interview
  • Digital Publications
  • Immersive Environments
  • Pedagogy
  • Productivity and Digital Workflow
  • Social Networking
  • Visualization
  • Web Presence
  • Video