Steps for Completing a Blog Assignment

1)  Blog (200-300 words) by 12:00 noon the day before a presentation.  For detailed instructions on what to write see Blogging Instructions.

2)  Style your blogpost with appropriate images, formatting and short quotations.

3)  Cite the passage you are analyzing (no longer than a short paragraph) at the bottom of your post on a separate line in MLA format.  See the OWL at Purdue website to figure out how.  Don't forget in-text citations which reference the page number after any quotes!

5)  Present in class the day you signed up for (be ready to engage with comments on your post)

Steps for Completing a Comment

1)  Read both the blog post and the passage it is about thoroughly.  To contribute to the discussion, you will want to have read the passage just as closely as the blogger.

2)  What can you add to the discussion the blogger has started?  Choose at least one of the following questions to guide your (100-word) comment:  What does their interpretation bring to light about the text as a whole that they haven't already remarked?  Does it change our reading of other moments or aspects of the text?  Might you nuance their argument by pointing out something they haven't noticed, something that would support or alter their interpretation?  Do you disagree with an interpretation of theirs, and do you have an alternative possibility to offer?  

3)  Be sure to use additional textual evidence from the passage to back up your claim.  

4)  Post by class time and be prepared to bring up your comment in class discussion.